Removing Barriers (2023 Edition -- Download Version)

Removing Barriers (2023 Edition — Download Version)



** Usually £5 -- This great resource is Free for Roofbreakers ** 

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A new version of the 'Removing Barriers' Disability Self-Assesment ‘Audit’ with lots of new content for 2021. 

Removing Barriers is Through the Roof’s self-assessment resource for churches, organisations and groups to check against a comprehensive set of measures to see how inclusive their services, activities and programmes are for disabled people.

The Removing Barriers resource is in the form of a questionnaire organised around five main sections.

  • The Message You Give
  • Having a Culture of Disability Inclusion
  • Arrival and Welcome
  • Enabling Everyone to Take Part
  • Belonging, Discipleship and Growth

In using the resource churches are also directed to other appropriate information and resources which will help them to address any areas which need some input, as well as resources to help you create an action plan for ongoing work. Removing barriers to disabled people is an on-going process, so don’t expect to change everything overnight. However, it is important to make a start or to continue on the journey.

£5 -- Free for roofbreakers. Please contact to find out how to become a Roofbreaker and get your free code. 

The 2023 edition contains some small updates and rewording.