Disability Awareness Sunday

Disability Awareness Sunday

Let's celebrate it in every church!

Photo of Ashleigh with black curly hair, sat in her wheelchair, wearing a blue and white stripey jumper.

In 2024, the date for Disability Awareness Sunday is Sunday 22nd September. But any Sunday can be Disability Awareness Sunday! This year there's a whole Disability Awareness Week, starting on 15th September. Join the hundreds of churches across the UK - and the world! - to share about church disability inclusion.  

There are over 16 million disabled people in the UK (Family Resources Survey 2021-22) who need to know churches are supportive places to experience God’s love.

Over 20% of the UK's population are disabled people (Family Resources Survey, 2021-22). Not all disabilities are visible, but disabled people are still underrepresented in UK churches – especially in positions of responsibility. 

Through the Roof is working with churches so everyone’s presence and gifts are valued. Ashleigh (pictured) is a Roofbreaker church disability champion, and is using her gifts to help lead and support disabled people. Your church can encourage everyone too and be blessed by the full involvement of disabled people. 

Join churches throughout the nations for a day celebrating disabled people in the Church. Hold a Disability Awareness Sunday service or event. Or include a prayer, or play Ashleigh's video story from the free resource pack below.

Here are some free materials to help you plan and celebrate Disability Awareness Sunday at your church...

  • A new resource pack is coming for 2024... Watch this space!
  • We produced a pack for 2023, focussing on 'The Unique Gifts God Gives Us' with a short video, a suggested service outline and free postcards available for everyone who attends.
  • If this is your first Disability Awareness Sunday, we recommend the initial resource based on the Luke chapter 5 'through the roof' theme which contains a full range of videos, key messages, children's and youth ideas, prayers, and much more.

To download either of these packs, please complete this form:

    Order your Disability Awareness Sunday postcards

    There is a postcard linked to ‘The unique gifts God gives us’ theme available to give out to everyone attending the service – with some of Ashleigh’s quotes from the video, and ideas of how people can follow-up after the service. You can request as many postcards as you would like by filling in the form below. These are free...