Be A Roofbreaker – 2023 Edition (download version)

Be A Roofbreaker – 2023 Edition (download version)


** This is the download version – it contains a PDF version that resembles the print one, and a Word version for screen readers or enlarging text **

Equipping churches and ministries to welcome and include disabled people.

Updated version for 2023 – this new version contains sections on: the theology of disability; the responsibility of the church; inclusive language; and sections on including wheelchair users; people who are blind; people who are deaf; those with learning disabilities; mental health issues; dementia; speech difficulties; autism; children with additional needs; people experiencing disability later in life; ongoing support available for Roofbreakers; and much more. It also contains ideas to support those who’re unable to attend church meetings and encouragement to take a person-centred approach.

We’re really excited to see how this new version of this classic guide will be used, far and wide, in churches and beyond. If you pick up a copy, please let us know how you use it in your inclusion work.

Follow this link to the print version.