'The Hope of Extraordinary Power' - Feb 2014

'The Hope of Extraordinary Power' - Feb 2014

Here's the February 2014 'Come Fishing' recording from Jenny Edwards and DCF - an hour full of music, prayer, inspiration, stories and news, to entertain and inspire.

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  • Recycle for TTR

    Recycle for TTR

    Please recycle your empty printer inkjet cartridges and mobile phones for us.

    It's a really simple way of raising funds towards our work - Just sign up to Recycle4Charity, order your free envelopes, and off you go.

    Why not also distribute freepost recycling envelopes to friends, family or around the workplace?

    No cost to you, no cost to us, but we'll receive a donation for every cartridge and/or phone.

    Thank you!

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