Disability Diaries - My Green Wheelchair

Disability Diaries - My Green Wheelchair

Green Wheelchair  - Jess 1

Alison is a wheelchair user. Her church valued her musical gifts and enabled her to truly feel part of the church community. Here is Alison’s story of finally finding a sense of belonging.

Terrified of being judged 'imperfect'

Moving to a new church was a massive thing, after years of becoming less and less confident, my confidence was just about zero. I sat right at the back, trying not to be 'in the way'. Or leave track marks, or oil. But the Lord, as per usual, had other plans! A lovely Christian friend dumped me in it and informed the people in leadership that I could sing, and play. Thanks!

So, Christmas came, and the Lord had a few of us, including a group of refugees, singing a new Christmas song. Previously, I'd always been terrified of being judged 'imperfect', but here it was different... the joy of actually feeling wanted, and of actual value was so wonderful, it was like a glimpse of heaven!

'Here is a place that accepts you as you are'

This church has been so accommodating, but the joy is that now there is a bright green wheelchair next to the grand piano at the front of the church, and its telling anyone who feels they have no worth left, that here is a place that accepts you as you are, and will let the Lord find a place for all who seek. He is a Lord who leads a church that isn't ashamed to have a green wheelchair right by the platform and on show to everyone.

Is your church or Christian community including disabled people in its ministry? – so that the God-given gifts and talents of disabled people can be shared with others...

You can use Disability Awareness Sunday as a positive message to disabled people. Find out more at https://throughtheroof.org/forchurches/disability-awareness-sunday/