Week 2: Wheels for the World in Uganda 2021 - Supported Distribution

Week 2: Wheels for the World in Uganda 2021 - Supported Distribution

The HHA team arriving in the area and unloading wheelchairs from the back of a truckSupported Distribution to the Bidi Bid Refugee Camp, N.W. Uganda

Wheels Blog Week 2 (8th and 9th February 2021)

Following on from the successful start of the distribution last week the HHA team Clement, Agnes and Moses were out ‘on the ground’ again supported by the Wheels therapists and techies in the UK and Isaac in Yumbe.

Like all successful distributions it was good to review the feedback on how the distribution had gone the previous week and so the leadership team met on a zoom meeting to see if the process needed adapting. Following that meeting a few minor changes were proposed to make the system work more smoothly and these have been actioned this week. The main change was around the internet connection and our ability to clearly see the recipients. To resolve this, photos of clients are now being sent by the HHA team for the TTR team’s comments. This seemed to work much better as WhatsApp video calls can be frustrating if the internet isn’t stable. The still images were clear and we could zoom in to see any needed detail enabling the team to quickly identify whether any further action was needed by the HHA team.

It is important to note that the HHA team are not based in one location throughout this distribution. Instead they move around to different zones in the almost 100 square miles (250 km2) that Bidi Bidi covers. This entails them taking the equipment they think is required each day to the distribution point. Over the two days we saw 29 people with a variety of conditions such as polio, paralysis, spinal cord injury, old age mobility issues and cerebral palsy. Our therapists gave advice on such things as seating positions, pressure sore awareness and fitting elbow crutches. The HHA team are working extremely hard and it is a privilege to be able to assist them and the people in Bibi Bidi. Charity, a recipient, standing with her new crutches

We want to thank all the donors of equipment, whether a wheelchair or other aid as each item has the capacity to change a life. The picture here is of a lady called Charity who received a crutch and sent her gratitude to the team. A little girl being helped with a wheelchair fittingThe little girl who has polio was given a wheelchair, but we asked her mother to encourage her to stand and walk if possible.

 A small act of giving an unwanted piece of equipment can be huge to someone in need and we should not underestimate these acts of kindness and how they can impact on someone else. We also want to thank those who give financially to enable the equipment to be cleaned, overhauled and sent to out. Without both groups of people Through the Roof wouldn’t be able to do what we do through Wheels for the World.




Please pray for:

  • Good internet connections;
  • That the little girl above might eventually be able to walk;
  • For stamina for the team and the clients who wait patiently for their turn;
  • For Pastor Moses as he gives out bibles and shares the gospel;
  • For the right equipment to be sent out each day for the people coming to the distribution;
  • For ongoing health and safety for the HHA team as they travel around the camp and meet the people each day, and,
  • For the Wheels team, some of whom are fitting their duty sessions in around work and/or home schooling.