Get Involved with Wheels for the World

Get Involved with Wheels for the World


Otwao has Cerebral Palsy and lives in Uganda. Although he can see and hear, he is unable to move his body. Like so many disabled children in Africa, he is hidden away. He and his mother live on their own in a reed hut. She goes to work every day and used to carry Otwao on her back, but since he’s grown too large for her to carry, she has had to leave him at home, lying alone on a cold floor until she returns in the evening. Otwao arrived at our Distribution Centre with his mother hoping for a wheelchair. Our team assessed him and gave him a wheelchair fitted for his size. Otwao can now enjoy company and freedom with her again.

You can be involved in changing the lives of some of the most needy people in the world, like Otwao! Have a look at the following ways of joining with us…

The work of Wheels is entirely supported by donations and volunteers. Whether you choose to help out on a trip, raise vital funds, or support us in the UK, thank you!


Could you support us by organising an event, celebration, or sponsorship to help raise funds for Wheels for the World?

In the UK

  • We need regular help repairing, cleaning and maintaining some of the better condition wheelchairs in our Aldershot warehouse. These volunteers need a degree of mechanical savvy. If you're happy repairing or maintaining a bike, you'll be fine!
  • From time to time, we need help loading up the container for overseas trips. This usually takes about two hours on a weekday morning in Aldershot, and involves shifting a lot of wheelchairs. If you let us know you're interested, we'll get in touch when the day's coming up.
  • We need occasional drivers to pick up or transport wheelchairs. You'll need to be able to drive a large van, and be happy to take the drive from time to time (days are negotiable)

On Trips

Wheels for the World Roles

These are the key functions on a ‘Wheels for the World’ distribution. Please indicate the role in which you have an interest and your experience in the particular role.

Wheelchair seating: Requires experience of identifying needs and fitting suitable wheelchairs and ability to demonstrate the proper handling of a wheelchair, pressure control, transfers etc for recipient and family members.

Mechanic: Requires mechanical skills and ability to work closely with seating specialists and to customise wheelchairs if necessary.

Administrator: Requires a detail-oriented, good communicator to handle all of the paperwork associated with the distribution. Keeping track of team finances, performing administrative support role for the Team Leader.

Speaker/Teacher: Requires knowledge of biblical issues regarding disability and practical knowledge of disability/church related issues. Will teach about disability awareness, developing ministry and services for and with people with disabilities to various audiences, small groups and one-on-one. Must be flexible and sensitive to meeting needs of encouragement and education as identified by national contacts.

Photography: Requires someone to make a comprehensive photo record of the distribution, each of the recipients who receive a chair and also a video record of the distribution.