Luke 5 Award for Parish Nurse Roofbreaker

Luke 5 Award for Parish Nurse Roofbreaker


Through the Roof’s Luke 5 Award celebrates disability inclusion in Christian life. Usually, a disabled individual makes the nomination – to celebrate how an individual, group or church has made a difference by enabling them to access Christian life in some way. This time, we have several disabled people telling of how they are now able to access Christian life, thanks to Madeleine Watts: winner of a Luke 5 Award, as Parish Nurse and Roofbreaker at St Saviour’s Parish Church, Great Moor, Stockport.

“We have an amazing Gospel ... but is it accessible to all?”

Madeleine has encouraged the church to make great strides forwards for accessibility, including having large print available, reorganising pews for wheelchair users, and making sure a microphone is used in all meetings so that everyone can join in. As Madeleine herself says “We have an amazing Gospel to proclaim but is it accessible to all?”

This has really made a difference to several disabled people in the church…

“Madeleine insists all church meetings members use a microphone. So now I can hear everything that is said.”

“Thank you for organising the pews. I can put my wheelchair anywhere I wish not just at the front or back. Thanks Madeleine.”

“I can see large books now in church.”

Working side-by-side with Parish Nursing Ministries UK

Madeleine is a Parish Nurse at St Saviour’s Parish Church, Great Moor, and we are pleased that Through the Roof was asked by Parish Nursing Ministries UK to give some training about disability inclusion.

A lady in a blue T shirt, sat at a table holding someone's arm (who is not in the picture) and taking a reading of their pulseParish Nursing Ministries UK ( support Christian communities across the UK to establish Parish Nursing services, promoting health and well-being. Every Parish Nurse is a Registered Nurse, employed through a local church or Christian organisation.

Through the Roof and Parish Nursing have been able to work side by side, and here we see what a difference Madeleine has been able to make for those in her church.

We love to hear about and celebrate disability inclusion in Christian life. Our Luke 5 Award is for any disabled person to make a nomination to recognise the difference that’s been made. Follow this link to make a Luke 5 nomination.