Online Map

Online Map

This map shows churches and ministries that have a Roofbreaker/contact person to discuss any disability issues with. Roofbreakers are disability champions who are positive about disability inclusion. The map also shows our Roofbreaker Area Networks.

Follow this link to find out about our UK-wide Networks for rural areas and people involved in Deaf ministry, along with a Facebook group for Roofbreakers everywhere

      Rural Roofbreakers Network (UK wide)

      Contact Lynda Herbert, or via the TTR office 01372 749955

      The rural network aims to offer mutual support and ideas for Roofbreakers and church representatives from around the UK, looking to make the rural church experience accessible and welcoming to all. Meeting on zoom last Saturday of February, June and October, please email for link.

      Deaf ministry Network (UK wide)

      Contact Janet Eardley or the TTR office 01372 749955. A Network offering mutual support for people involved in ministry with the Deaf community. All meetings are accessible in both BSL and English.

      Facebook group for all Roofbreakers

      Wherever you live, the Roofbreakers Facebook group will connect you with other Roofbreakers to share ideas and encouragement. Follow this link to visit the group.