News release: Understanding autistic meltdowns and shutdowns video

News release: Understanding autistic meltdowns and shutdowns video

Triona Brading, an autistic Christian who is a Roofbreaker disability champion with Through the Roof, has teamed up with the charity again for a second video: ‘Understanding autistic meltdowns and shutdowns.

Triona shares “helpful starting points for discussions with the autistic people in your church” to create awareness and begin dialogue, so autistic people can feel at home.

What does the video cover? 

The new video explains the difference between two different responses an autistic person may have to feeling overwhelmed: an outward response (a meltdown) and an inward response (a shutdown).

It gives useful tips on how to prepare in advance for meltdowns and shutdowns, talking to autistic individuals before anything happens about what support or help they may want. It also covers what you could do if a meltdown or shutdown emotional response is already happening. For a run-time and content list, see the video description on YouTube at the video link here

Advice from Triona is: “If it’s possible, in the space that you have, and the setting that you’re in, you might want to think about a plan for if someone is experiencing a meltdown.”

A more inclusive church for autistic people

Church can be a difficult and confusing place for autistic people, but it doesn’t have to be that way. This video aims to help people in churches learn how to create a more inclusive church environment for autistic people, with practical tips and advice that can be easily and quickly implemented.

Triona, an advocate for making the church a more accessible place for autistic and neurodiverse people, released the video as the second in her series of Autism and neurodiversity videos for churches @TTRChangesLives on YouTube. The first in the series is called 'Supporting autistic individuals in our churches', and is available at the series link above.

“The best thing you can do is talk to autistic people you know that come to your church groups and services, and see what they would like in place.” Triona says.

Please watch, like and share the video

Send a positive message to autistic people in your community – watch, like and share the video in your church or community so everyone grows in understanding and can offer a truly accessible welcome for autistic people.

Through the Roof provides free support and resources through its Roofbreaker project to enable Christian disability inclusion. Find out more at: