Disability Awareness Sunday in YOUR Church

Disability Awareness Sunday in YOUR Church


Let's celebrate it in every church!

In 2023 we'll be celebrating Disability Awareness Sunday on Sunday 17th September. It'll be a great time for churches to join together across the UK (and even some internationally). If this date is not convenient, please choose an alternative date to suit your church. Any Sunday can be Disability Awareness Sunday!

Here are some free materials to help you plan and celebrate Disability Awareness Sunday at your church...

  • We've produced a new pack for 2023, focussing on 'The Unique Gifts God Gives Us' with a short video, a suggested service outline and free postcards available for everyone who attends.
  • If this is your first Disabiilty Awareness Sunday, we recommend the initial resource based on the Luke chapter 5 'through the roof' theme which contains a full range of videos, key messages, children's and youth ideas, prayers, and much more.

To download either of these packs, please complete this form: 

    Find out more about how Through the Roof can help your church include disabled people more by following this link