Churches Inclusion in Rwanda -- blog six

Churches Inclusion in Rwanda -- blog six

Trevor, a member of the UK team is handed a certificate by Enos, another member of the team

Wednesday 25th January

We started a little earlier to ensure we could get away in time for Pastor Davis’ flight to Kenya. Pastor Trevor spoke on ‘community gives us much needed perspective.’ He talked about how God designed us to be in relationship ‘it is not good for man to be alone,’ that our Trinitarian God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit are in perfect relationship with each other and that the church is always described relationally, as a body of many parts, a household and a spiritual house. Pastor Trevor highlighted that Jesus not only healed people but restored people into the community, and into the community of faith, the church. He mentioned Elijah who after running away depressed was told to be in relationship with his successor Elisha, and that we are often held up and supported because our own relationships. Pastor Trevor also highlighted about unity commanding a blessing and when we are in unity blessing will come, and to recognise the skills and abilities that already exist in the community, not least amongst those with disabilities who we discovered at the workshops have much to offer and willing to do so.

Many positive comments were fed back not least one leader who said that her family loved the audio bible they now listen to it regularly at home together.  Praise God. We have all been invited back!

All in all the trip has been an enormous success on every level. Those with disabilities and their families have found renewed hope and acceptance, and have many gifts that they are willing to offer the community, the leaders have all committed to be roof-breakers and there is a sense that there is renewed impetus for them to work more closely together. They have made tremendous strides forward since Pastor Davis’ visit two years ago and there is much hope for the future. Praise God for all He has accomplished and will accomplish in the future.