Eye Can Make A Difference

Eye Can Make A Difference

Jonathan is sat in his wheelchair, holding a copy of his book 'Eye can write'. He's grinning and looking towards the camera.

** News Release **

Young author, and Christian, Jonathan Bryan, who wrote his book, ‘Eye Can Write’, entirely through eye movements because of his experience of disability, will share some of his story at a free online event, open to all, hosted by Christian disability charity, Through the Roof (www.throughtheroof.org).

Jonathan’s book tells of his incredible journey from being unable to communicate to being freed to express his innermost thoughts and perspectives on life and faith, using eye movements alone to communicate via a specially designed spelling board. Still only aged 15, and not content with publishing his memoirs, Jonathan has now established a charity. ‘Teach Us Too’ http://www.teachustoo.org.uk/ seeks to make a difference by calling for all children to be given the opportunity to read and write, regardless of their perceived ability.

This remarkable young man is unable to speak but through his writing he is becoming a voice for the voiceless. On Saturday 16th October, Jonathan will be keynote presenter for Through the Roof, at their Zoom event. He will encourage and inspire the charity’s volunteer Roofbreakers (Disability Champions in churches) of which there are now 400 across the UK, as well as others who would like to benefit from his wisdom and insights. The event is free to attend, but pre-booking is essential. To guarantee your place please book via this link - https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcrcO6orT0iHNxvzgP-uYhlm1mDiXDR0Vsi