Wheels in Kenya 2021 - Blog 3

Wheels in Kenya 2021 - Blog 3


Reporting from our supported wheelchair distribution in Elburgon, Kenya. A local team will be fitting people with wheelchairs for the next 6 to 7 weeks (from mid-August through to September), ably assisted remotely by a UK team of therapists and specialists. Technical problems are making it hard to get blog posts over regularly, but we'll bring you reports from the in-country Kenyan team as often as communications allow. Please keep praying for the team, both in Kenya and the UK. Thank you for your support!

Day 3: 13th AUGUST, 2021

Impact of Through the Roof and Wheels for the World Highly Acknowledged By The Central Government

It was on Friday morning of 13th August 2021 when the star of the Through The Roof, Wheels for the World was destined to shine in Kenya. The news had spread through the media on the great compassion and charity work of TTR in Kenya via SD in Elburgon. On the eve of 12th August, a strange phone call rang from the most senior regional officer. He confirmed with me the work of the Supported Distribution and gave the message that he was to visit to witness what was happening. True to his word, we saw very many government officials in the morning and security agencies coming to prepare for the arrival of the Regional (Provincial) Commissioner. He first inspected our store where he expressed his joy and thanksgiving to Through The Roof (Donors and Partners of Davis) for such massive supply and support to the very needy population. He was surprised to see that such great work has been going for years without much recognition. He also inspected services of basic trade skills training, though with only very few machines. Further he was impressed by our service charter which indicated no cost for all services offered, to him this was divine calling.

In the distribution hall, medical personnel explained how the programme was touching and transforming lives of many people. The hospital officer introduced the OP, and Physios from the hospital working with Davis and said that for many years they have received assistive devices from our centre and thank you. Additionally, the health officer informed the guest that sometimes they watch people helplessly when they cannot provide the devices. The doc thanked Davis for collaboration for several years and thanked him for being chairperson of the Hospital management board for three consecutive terms which ended in 2019.

When the chief guest stood to speak, he truely thanked the donor, Through The Roof Charity for their hospitality and goodwill in supporting the government through the local partner. He noted that at some point, the government has to work with other agencies of goodwill in order to promote or even create hope to the very desperate clients. He thanked the Kenyan team for accepting to work under new technology in communication though challenging in the rural areas. In order to express his gratitude, he promised to table the name of Davis to the cabinet for possible consideration for the award of Head of State Commendation as one of the Heroes in the country. We shall inform you of the outcome at the end of the year. Then the day's distribution was prolonged till around 7.00 pm Kenyan time so as to attend all the clients of the day. The team saw many people, and distributed wheelchairs and other aids, helping many families, including...

Margaret Wambui
Margaret was born in good health condition, went to school and completed her high school education. By the age of 22 yrs. after giving birth to her baby, her body joints started aching. Later she was diagnosed suffering from arthritis. The condition deteriorated to severe pains and this led to collapsing of ribs and eventually paralyzed of her both legs.

Her mother says that during those eight years her daughter is in that condition, it has not been easy. She empathizes with her due to pain most of the time. She is required to be taken outside and bask during morning hours and this does not take place more often because lifting her is a great task. She says she had been wishing to have a wheelchair but due to lack of funds her desire remained void.

The mother appreciates very much for the support because her daughter will no longer be staying indoor all the time. Also less energy will be used to relocate her from one place to another. May God bless you abundantly for the wonderful job you are doing to give hope to the less fortunate.

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