Tanzania 2019: Thursday 24th October

Tanzania 2019: Thursday 24th October

From the 20th to the 29th October, two teams -- one from Churches Inc, and one from Wheels for the World -- will be hard at work in Tanzania. We'll be bringing you all the stories and details of what they're up, the people they're meeting, and the lives they're changing just as often as the internet connection allows. Please keep praying for the team and for all the local people they're meeting, who often travel long distances with the hope of receiving a wheelchair.

Churches Inc

We had our final Churches Inc workshop today and were especially thrilled to have participants leading our worship. After a talk about the great commission, many raised their hands to respond that they would go back to their communities to share God’s love with others. It was good to meet again some of the individuals from last year's trip, including 14 year old Helena who received a wheelchair today and enjoyed the bubbles too.
Participants in the workshop leading the worship

A crowd at the workshop with many raising their hands to respond

Helena blowing bubbles

Wheels for the World

Omari sits and listens to his audio Bible

Rejoicing at the joy of seeing Omari listen to an audio Bible.

Philip adjusts a walking stick for Moira

Moira got the correct height walking stick and Philip made it white using a white plastic bag.

A man holds his white stick and audio Bible, while his son holds his hand

John accompanied by his son also got a white stick and audio Bible. So much to thank God for.

A man sits on the ground, waiting for a wheelchair

Transforming a life

The man from the photo above sits in his new wheelchair

Bringing dignity, respect and hope

A man in a striped t-shirt sits in his new wheelchair

No longer needing to crawl about all day. Juma had got polio at age 4. He was also pleased to get an audio Bible.

A mum and son smiling at each other as he sits in his new wheelchair

A lady in her new wheelchair with a child and one of the wheels team

A lady in a new wheelchair is pushed along by a smiling child

"You may be heavy, but you are my family"