Wheelsblog: Kenya 2018, Day 5

Wheelsblog: Kenya 2018, Day 5


The Wheels for the World team are working around Elburgon, Kenya from the 5th to 15th September, bringing wheelchairs to disabled people around the area, and changing lives with the gift of mobility. We'll be putting up their blog posts just as often as the internet connection lets them send them - here's a day 5's report from team member Jill, where the team visited our partner Pastor Davis' church. Please do keep praying for everyone involved with the distribution, and for everyone who receives a chair or mobility aid.

Off to the Abundant Hope of Glory Church for an energetic, dynamic and enthusiastic time of worship. Each group in the church had their own ‘slot’ coming up the aisle singing and swaying to share their song, dance and their love of the Lord with the congregation. When the Youth Group worshipped the Masai dancing / jumping was amazing and Smati, who is profoundly disabled, joined in worship as Michael, our children’s pastor, danced in carrying her. Her smile radiated her joy at being fully included as during the rest of service she lay on a mat still smiling. It was a joy to experience a fully inclusive church.

Pastor Davis and his wife preachingDuring the service Pastor Davis spoke on the prophetic message in Isaiah and used the example of the lion we saw yesterday stalking her prey to explain about Jesus the Good Shepherd who walks ahead of us and no enemy can attack us when we are with Jesus. Team members were then introduced and shared about various aspects of the trip so far before giving gifts of percussion instruments to the Sunday School.

The team walking through townAfter church we headed for our lunch stop at the local “butchery” where we had a great time eating local goat in Kenyan style with our fingers. Some people then went to the market seeking a bargain, especially Kenyan material for dressmaking, whilst others headed back to the hotel for a rest before the evening meal when Pastor Davis and his wife joined us. After an action packed, but extraordinary weekend it is back to work tomorrow.