Prayer Support

Prayer Support


If you would like prayer, or to pray for others, we have a weekly prayer email and opportunity to connect with online prayers led by one of our Roofbreakers…

Prayer Email

Once a week, we send out an email containing prayer requests for the work of Through the Roof, as well as requests submitted by friends and supporters of the charity. If you'd like something included on the email, please follow this link to email us, and let us know what you'd like mentioned.

If you'd like to sign up to receive the email, then please follow this link.

Online Prayers

Lynda sits in her wheelchair in front of a stone church wall. To her left, there's a large wooden cross and a few candles in a floorstanding candle holder.We are delighted that one of our Roofbreakers, Lynda (pictured), is posting regular day- and night-time online prayers. These are available for anyone who would like to connect with them and we trust they will be a real source of encouragement.

Lynda’s prayers are known as ‘Prayer4all’ and can be found on YouTube through the following link: