Donating Wheelchairs and Funds

Donating Wheelchairs and Funds

Getting a Chair to us

Thank you for thinking of donating a chair or mobility aid to Wheels for the World! Unfortunately, we can't usually pick up chairs, but we're very glad to receive them at our Aldershot warehouse (follow this link for the warehouse address) or take in occasional individual chairs at our Morden office. Please call us on 01372 749955 or email the office on to make sure that there's space, and that we'll have someone around to open up.

We can accept, and would love to have…

  • children’s wheelchairs
  • wheelchair cushions
  • manual collapsible wheelchairs (not electric/power wheelchairs)
  • crutches (in pairs and undamaged)
  • walking sticks
  • undamaged folding walkers (three or four wheel)
  • Bibles
  • buggies
  • children’s car seats in good condition (we use these for seating)
  • straps and harnesses
  • gaffa tape

We’re only able to repair wheelchairs, so if there’s any damage or bending to crutches or folding walkers, we unfortunately can’t take them.

Due to limited space, we regret that we can’t accept any wheelchairs that don’t fold down; standing frames or zimmerframes; assisted-propelling wheelchairs (the ones with the small rear wheel); electric wheelchairs; other books; medical equipment; orthotic equipment; piedro boots; broken equipment; blankets; positioning equipment; or children’s toys.

We’re always happy to answer queries about donations, so please follow this link to email the office, and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Donating Funds

Please contact the office or visit our donations page ( Follow this link to our donations page) to support us financially. We run a wheelchair sponsorship scheme where £42 will help cover the costs of refurbishing a wheelchair and changing the life of a recipient in a developing country. Download a sponsorship form by following this link or by contacting...

We're also very happy to be supported by Flowstore--you can find out about their generous donations of money and time by following this link. If your workplace is interesting in partnering with TTR, we'd love to hear from you.