Kumi Wheelsblog: Day 4

Kumi Wheelsblog: Day 4


The Wheels for the World team are hard at work in Kumi, Uganda from the 14th to 24th June. We'll be bringing you all their updates as often as we can - here, team leader Rob reflects on a tough day on the distribution.

What a day. Hard and emotional.

After a very late start the pressure was on to see a large number of highly complex children and young adults before dark- the power is off then and we have to work by torchlight.

A sad story of one youngster who was underweight. Turns out the mum had been ill for 2 weeks and no one in the family had really fed the child for that time. Highlights how even in families disabled people can be viewed so low. It was our joy to give her a chair and get her reviewed by a nutrition nurse at the hospital.

The most moving part of the day was seeing over 60 people, 29 of whom were our clients. Bundle onto a small truck with wheelchairs and all. That sad sight of so many vulnerable people packed like that was very sad to say the least. Plus thunder started.

Team prayed and two things happened straight away. The rain did not fall, and another vehicle was found available. The team paid for the driver and fuel to get a number of them home safe and make more room and dignity for those on the truck.

A highlight of the day was utilizing off its of foam to make bespoke filled cushions. Some workshop guys sew several of them during the day which made some clients very comfortable.

So please thank God for today and keep praying.

I especially need wisdom about this pattern of late arrivals and then overcrowded, undignified and dangerous journeys back after dark, sometimes clients face a 2 hour drive. Could they sleep at the hospital overnight then carry on in the morning? When do we stop seeing people in the afternoon? For this we need wisdom and sensitivity to locals at the hospital.

Thank you all.