6 Months Married (Philippa's Blog)

6 Months Married (Philippa's Blog)

On March 7th, Will and I had been married for 6 months. Well, since our fairy-tale wedding, I can honestly say it’s been a bed of roses! Flowers every day, breakfast in bed, and never a cross word between us! Not convinced? Ok then, so maybe it hasn’t been quite as idyllic as that.

When everybody tells you that marriage is something to be worked at, that it’s very different to just going out with someone, and that “you think you know someone before you get married, but you’ll find you’re learning new things about them every day,” you just smile and think “I know that.” Actually it’s true, but you only truly realise that after you’re married and look back.

I think in the first few months, Will and I spent a lot of time getting to know each other’s mood swings, as well as working out where we wanted to put things in the flat, then getting used to the things we do differently, like how we make tea or hang out washing. That takes some getting used to, and I could tell you some funny stories like the day Will poured fabric softener down the toilet instead of bleach. I could also tell you about disasters like the day I stepped on Will’s computer and broke the mouse pad (because I didn’t know it was on the floor). We have learnt that we have to be organised and consistent with things, since neither of us can see if something is not in its right place. We’ve had to establish who does what in the house, and in fact it’s worked out that we both share things equally, apart from emptying the bin which is definitely Will’s job!

As part of my attempt to be the best wife possible, I learnt to iron recently. My mum did try and teach me when I was younger, but I told her that “my husband can iron his own shirts, he needn't expect me to do it!” In actual fact neither of us could iron so I learnt and quite enjoy it.

Getting used to each other and a new house is pretty standard for any new couple, but we also had the challenge of getting used to our new area too. People around Potton are very helpful and quick to assist us if we get stuck which helps.

Though it’s a challenge sometimes, and there are days which are hard going for us both, it’s also wonderful to have someone to share the rest of your life with. We might get each other’s moods wrong at times, really annoy each other, or say the wrong thing, but we trust God to bring us through the hard times.

We really enjoy studying together and praying, and our hope is that our marriage will be God-centred. Recently we’ve opened our home to hold Christianity Explored and Discipleship Explored courses, which has been a great blessing.

It’s not all romance and flowers, and there have been and will be hard times to come. It’s a case of day-to-day love, both of each other and of God and neither of us would change a thing.

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