Wheels in Kimilili - Day 2

Wheels in Kimilili - Day 2


Blogger, Charlotte, describes the team's journey to Kisumu and arrival with our partners at IcFEm... You can find all our Wheels Blog posts by following this link.

Our journey continued at 6.30am this morning when we left African Inland Mission to Nairobi airport.  We flew a quick 35 minutes to Kisumu - they even managed to squeeze a drink and a snack on the short flight!  We then took the IcFEM minibus to IcFEM guesthouse.

This for me was a first.  I've never been to Africa and so I'll paint a picture for those who also haven't:

Africa is all you would imagine it to be but better!  The sights are so varied, everywhere you look there is red soil and greenery.  Tethered animals line the road.  Children play and run beside the road.  There are people everywhere, selling incredible fruits and vegetables, clothes and meats in the street side market.  It's hot and it's busy!

We had a small snack and then headed to IcFEM HQ and sorted through the wheelchairs for tomorrow's distribution in Kimaeti.  This involved going through a list of people who had been previously assessed for wheelchairs.  The best wheelchair was then selected for that person's needs.  The staff had kindly already ordered the wheelchairs so work was swift.

Our devotional this evening focused on how incorrect the teaching can be around disability - and how it isn't a result of  personal sin or a mistake that people are disabled.   It can be, and is, used to give glory to Christ.  It's exciting to tell the people we meet tomorrow that actually God loves them and looks at their heart; they are free in him and are important to Him.

Prayer points:

  • - thankfulness we have arrived safely

  • - thankful for the welcoming staff at HQ and the guest house

  • - thankful for swift work this afternoon

  • - for The Lord to guide us in giving the right wheelchair to each person

  • - that the truth of the Gospel would shine through the lies these disabled people have been taught

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