October Speaking

October Speaking

I have been a bit quiet on the speaking engagements lately, so thought I’d share the goings on of the last 2 or so months. In October, I was asked to go back to my former Upper school, Sandy Upper, to make a short presentation about my school life and work to encourage the students. I was thinking that I would just be doing the 5 minute talk and was prepared for this. Then I got a phone call with general info about how the evening would run, and in the middle of it, my former teacher said “and that’s when you’ll be giving out the prizes”. Instant panic! At least that’s how I felt, even if its not how I sounded. I have never given out prizes in my life! And it was a doublely weird feeling because I could remember being part of that award presentation myself, on the receiving end, as a student. I was highly honored! Couldn’t believe I’d be asked. I just prayed I wouldn’t drop any awards on anybody’s foot!! This prayer doubled when I reached the school and saw the size of some of the shields! Wow!

I sat up front with the teachers who were announcing the nominations, and watched the choir file in. They sang songs which I remembered from my school days! I couldn’t get over the feeling of déjà vu as I sat there. Then came the time to give my presentation and for the students to receive their awards. I have to say it was one of the most nerve racking times of my life, but one of the proudest as well. I was really pleased to be helping to reward the students for their hard work and effort. I was also pleased to tell them all about TTr and my work for the charity, as well as one or two jokes about the teachers in my time. Overall, it was a humbling evening! And it was great to hear familiar voices and see the familiar surroundings. Though some things have changed, we didn’t have a cafeteria in my day! 🙂

That weekend was a busy one. After the award evening on the Thursday, I was asked if I would be interviewed about my life and testimony and work at an evangelistic outreach event at St Neots Evangelical church on the saturday. This consisted of a 45 minute interview of quite difficult questions. I was asked if I had ever been angry with God, and if I found it hard day to day being blind. I tried to be completely honest about the hard times, because there are a lot of hard times, a lot of frustrations! But I also wanted to draw people’s eyes off this to God.

After the interview, Will and I sang and played in the refreshment break. Then there was a gospel message. We were up early the next morning and traveling to Borne mouth to a church called Cornerstone. There again I was asked to give my testimony, tell about Through The Roof and give words of encouragement for their disability Sunday. Altogether three very different types of engagements, but all equally as important, humbling, and hopefully helpful to the people who heard them. I pray that these have all brought glory to God and also promoted the name of Through The Roof.

If you wish to book a similar talk or training session please contact me on philippa@throughtheroof.org or 07841087806