March Update

March Update

On 12th February I went to ST John's Guild Croydon to give the hour long presentation i spoke about in January's blog. it went really well, and the slide show worked really really well! nobody was upside down or had missing limbs 🙂
the group of approx. 15 responded well and seemed to enjoy the presentation, giving encouraging feedback.

In the same week, I traveled to New milton to speak at the Torch Trust group for the fourth year in a row. it was lovely to see them again, and to catch up with their news as well as sharing all that Through the Roof has been doing in the last year. I also told them in my news including that I am now engaged. they were delighted.

my next speaking engagement has been postponed until July. it is to speak to two youth groups at ST James Church London.

I have now been let lose on Twitter under the user name TTR_uk to post on Through The Roof's behalf. please follow TTR_uk if you have a twitter account and join in with our discussions.

if you have a group you would like me to speak to, please get in contact by the usual methods,
or Facebook as Philippa Woodcraft TTR