Nyeri Blog - Tuesday 20th November

Nyeri Blog - Tuesday 20th November


Wheels for the World Nyeri trip team leader, Glenda, writes:

We prayed for more clients and they certainly came yesterday.  We were here at the Hospice from 9.00 am till 7.00pm.  The power went off a couple of times but that was at least during daylight.  We saw 48 clients which included a large number of children with complex seating needs.  The therapists rose to the challenge!

Today it is much quieter - we have allocated all the seating for the children who are expected over the next few days as we were concerned that the registered children who arrived on the last day might not otherwise get a chair.

Today we are expecting two prisoners - could be interesting.  The Provincial Commissioner - who I understand has been a great help in clearing the container for Nyeri Hospice is also due to visit - I gather he has a request!!

Pastor Davis is very encouraged by the number of people who have made first time commitment to the Lord - especially today.

(The photo is from a previous trip to Kenya — we’ll have pictures from this distribution once the team return).

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