Nyeri Blog - Day 3 - Sunday 18th November

Nyeri Blog - Day 3 - Sunday 18th November


Nigel Drury (our new International Missions Manager) reports from his first Wheels trip - our wheelchair distribution in Nyeri, Kenya...

Sunday's church service for the team was a God-directed choice I believe.  The team, including Pastor Davis Gatua (from Elburgon, another town in Kenya), walked the twenty minutes to the Dominion Chapel, Nyeri and were impressed by the spirit and organisation of the church.  The teaching was excellent and the pastor’s welcome sincere.

I was particularly excited to hear that the pastor had just returned from a visit to the church in Kigali, Rwanda.  He had been so impressed by the Kigali church’s compassionate works in the community that he became convinced that the Lord was giving him direction for his home church in Nyeri.  He told the church that the 2013 programme would be different and that they would be reaching the needy.  At the end of the service we were invited to say just a few words to which he responded that it was a confirmation of what God was calling him to do.  Pastor Davis was invited to meet the assistant pastor in his office which was an opportunity to speak of disability needs.  Glenda invited the congregation to tell others to bring any disabled person to the Nyeri Hospice over the next few days if they are in need of mobility aid.

All this was such an encouragement to see before us a spiritual awakening that accords with the vision that Through the Roof has in general and that Pastor Davis has for the Kenyan church in particular: to see a church responsive to the needs of disabled people.

Presently not a single disabled person goes to the church services at Dominion Chapel: we hope to hear that the situation has changed during 2013!  Please join with us in prayer for this church and that other ministers would catch the vision too.

(The photo is from a previous trip to Kenya — we’ll have pictures from this distribution once the team return).

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