Christian athlete selected for the Paralympics

Christian athlete selected for the Paralympics

British athlete, Anna Sharkey, who has a Christian faith, has been selected as part of a team of five who will comprise the GB Goalball team at the forthcoming Paralympic Games.

Goalball is a dynamic, game of speed, strength and coordination, played by athletes with visual impairment. You can find out more about Goalball by downloading our new free resource, ‘Lasting Values’.

Anna is a follower of Jesus Christ and says: “I went along to a Spring Harvest and it was incredibly inspiring to know that I could actually have a relationship with God. I think the difference it makes is that you have no fear. To know Jesus is to know that this being who has created you and loves you would actually sacrifice Himself for you! I do things wrong – I am human. Everybody does. But I know my God, my Father in heaven loves me whatever I do”.

Please join Through the Roof in praying for Anna and Britain’s other Christian Paralympians whose profiles we will soon be featuring on our website and Summer Vital Link newsletter. This information has been provided by teaming up with our friends at Verite Sport who promote a Christian presence in sport based on the teachings of the Bible.

Photo credit to Goalball UK