News from Kenya

News from Kenya

Wheels for the World volunteers arrived safely in Kimilili, Kenya at the end of last week and have already changed the lives of 52 disabled people, by giving them the gift of a properly fitted wheelchair or other mobility aid.

Our partners in Kenya, IcFEM, have blogged about the arrival of the (much delayed!) wheelchairs and have described the work so far as the start of what will be "a busy but amazing week".

After church visits yesterday, the team are once again hard at work distributing wheelchairs at Angurai today.  Two more distribution days based at IcFEM HQ will follow.  We'll post news as we receive it.

If you are interested in joining a future Wheels for the World distribution, please do learn more by reading about our previous trips.  You can apply to join a team by downloading an

If you would like to apply to go on a wheelchair distribution, please follow this link to download the 2014 International Missions application form and return it to our Wheels for the World Coordinator (the address is on the form).