Families with disabled children left isolated

Families with disabled children left isolated

A shocking new report says that three out of every four families with a disabled child are being left isolated. Contact-a-Family – a charity supporting families with disabled children - found that 72% of these families experience anxiety, depression or breakdown, with almost half (49%) asking their GP for medication or see a counsellor.

The report says that families with disabled children experience isolation through a lack of social interaction, caused by not having the time or money to work and do normal family activities. Families also fear how people might react to them when they go out with their child. The resulting stress leads to 1 in 5 families or marriages breaking up.

Commenting on Premier Radio about the report, Tim Wood, Through the Roof’s CEO said that the government is not doing enough to help, “I know a mum on her own with a severly autistic daughter who can’t even get one night of respite a month because the council cut the number of available places.” He hopes that Christians and churches will respond positively to the report by showing Jesus’ love and acceptance by reaching out: “It’s not rocket science – just being there for someone, to listen, pray and maybe to offer a meal or to look after siblings can be a great help.”

Through the Roof’s youth programme, Integr8, is planning to help families by offering an ‘Integr8 Encounter’ through churches to bring together young people with and without disabilites to find friendship, learn new skills and do activities together in a supportive environment.

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You can read about the report, and listen to an excerpt from Tim's comments on Premier news by visiting the Premier website through following this link

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