Wheels for the World in Ghana - latest news

Wheels for the World in Ghana - latest news


Yesterday's distribution at Hohoe saw 84 disabled people receive wheelchairs or other mobility aids, and 16 of those making prayers of commitment.  After a 14 hour day our exhausted team had a fish supper before getting some well-deserved sleep ready for setting off early today with another lorry load of wheelchairs, this time to Akacsi.

UPDATE - 02/12/11

We recieved a text from the team this morning, as they began their journey home. After 3 days distribution (and a final 15-and-a-half-hour working day!), they've given out all the chairs, and only have some childrens things + mobility aids remaining. These will be distributed by our contacts in the country. There is still great need in the area, but the mission was accomplished.

We're really grateful to our Wheels volunteers for working so hard on this trip, particularly after red tape delayed the arrival of the wheelchairs.  Thank you too to all those who've been supporting the team with prayer during the trip.