Stephi's Blog - Wheels distribution day 6

Stephi's Blog - Wheels distribution day 6


We really appreciate Stephi's blogging, bringing us all the news from Nakuru Kenya each day. Here Stephi tells us about some of the disabled people the team helped. Stephi writes:

Went to the Catholic centre for 8.30 as usual. Then Alexa and I went off in a tuk- tuk to the supermarket to buy lunch for everyone. When we got back we unloaded the tuk-tuk and set off to work. First I saw a man called Joseph, he had had polio and was really lovely. Helen (one of the physio's on the team) said I was now experienced enough to fit him with crutches. I was really pleased as he said the height was just right and Helen agreed. We gave Joseph a Bible, a blanket and a bag to put his Bible in. He was so happy as he will be able to go to more places because the pressure is now off his legs.

Next I helped a lady called Elizabeth who had had a stroke so could not feel one side of her body. Once she received her wheelchair I fitted a pelvic belt for her to stop her slipping forward in the chair and cut a foam cushion - she was delighted!

I then saw a little girl called Maureen and she could not feel from her hips downwards as she had spina bifida. She was fitted with a non- moving baby seat. I felt so sorry for her because she was upset and scared of us as her mum said she had never seen white faces before. Even bubble blowing didn't cheer her up. But it is really good she now has a seat for home.

Leah was the next lady we saw. Her family said she was 100 but she was doing really well. She had been shuffling along with a wooden stool for 5 years. She was fitted with a self- propelling wheelchair and I gave her a bracelet. She was really pleased.

Caroline was especially delighted as one little girl had come in wanting a wheelchair as she could not walk but Caroline showed her mum how to encourage her with a technique and she took her first independent steps. Slowly but surely, she improved. So having come in for a wheelchair she went out being able to walk.

Midday Gordon had to go off and get more Bibles as so many people were asking for them and Roy had go and get more foam for cushions.

After a sandwich for lunch, I helped a young lad called Stephen. It was so sad as both his parents had just died and he was badly disabled. His grandma was doing her best to care for him and her own children. We hope the wheelchair will make life a bit easier for Stephen and his grandma.

Patrick was 11 and so smiley when he got his chair, a teddy, a cloth bag, a blanket and a Bible.

Cynthia was 5 years old and had had meningitis and malaria and she was fitted in a buggy which used to be a double (which no- one had use for) and the fantastic DIY man Roy made it into a single!

The last client of the day (we had 58 in total) was Mary, a tiny 7 year old with cerebral palsy. The therapists all worked ogether and managed to fit her with a static seat with a car seat insert. It was an amazing result as we couldn't bear to leave her with nothing and every last children's chair had been used.

It has been another busy day- we will all sleep well tonight.