Videos from Uganda

Videos from Uganda

Here are a few videos from our April 2011 distribution to Uganda. Below the videos, you can find a few more details about the interviewees. First up, Henry talks about what having a wheelchair means to him...

Next, Joan, another recipient, talks about her new wheelchair, and afterwards, goes for a first-time spin around the distribution

Henry is 26 years old. He is a proud gentleman and although he would have the physical ability to crawl relied on his friends to carry him, as this is more dignified. Henry works with disabled children in the community and is a role model to them. His disability is as a result of an accident at age 16, he is unable to move or feel his legs.

Henry was given a wheelchair last year, but unfortunately the plastic cross supports broke within the first two months of him using it on the rough terrain. Henry was therefore very specific about the type of wheelchair he would benefit from so as not to experience the same disappointment again. Very few of the wheelchairs we had with us had this plastic cross section, so we were easily able to find a suitable replacement.

Henry chose not to have sides on the wheelchair as he finds it easier to move and reach for things without them on. Henry gave the example of the armrests getting in the way when sweeping the floor, obviously a domesticated gentleman! He took the armrests with him because in the wet season it will protect his trousers from the dirt off the wheels.

Henry described "getting a wheelchair is like Jesus Christ has resurrected"

Joan is 29 and has had polio since birth. Her left leg is stronger than her right and she has difficulty coordinating her movements. This makes walking require a lot of effort, and while she can walk short distances with crutches it takes Joan a lot of time and energy. Joan attends a rehabilitation centre/school (she is wearing her uniform) and was given a self propelled wheelchair which allows her to move more freely. She explains the difference a wheelchair will make to her in the video.

Joan was given a wheelchair with armrests that she can swing out of the way easily to allow her to get under a desk. We fixed a crutch holder to the back of her wheelchair to enable her to carry her crutches with her wherever she goes so that she has the option of which mobility aid to use to suit each situation.