"A positive way of managing a complex disability"

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We recently received this email from one of our supporters who attends St Judes Church, Plymouth.

Just wanted to share a way I am dealing with a limited vision problem at Church!  I have been struggling to see the screen and also, because of other disabilities, stay sitting down through the service so am often limited due to taller people standing up in front of me!

I recently purchased an e-reader and realised the advantages of variable text sizes.  I asked my vicar if it would be possible to trial the sending of a PDF doc to my e-reader email address with the service songs on it so I could see it more easily - This happened for the 1st time last Sunday!  It worked so well the worship teams now have my email address and will email me the songs so I can load them from a disc I have here of our entire worship selection [ hundreds of songs I must say!!] to my e-reader for that service! Easy!

Wanted to share this because it might help others who may have similar types of problems!  Clearly they would need to have purchased their own e-reader that they know they can manage but after that there are no/few reasons why it is not practical and possible!  Also now if I am too ill to go to Church I will also have some idea of the worship they are sharing and can focus on the words etc alone.

A positive way of managing a complex disability which as I say might help others who are not afraid to ask and get some help too!

With thanks to Chris, Tim and the team at St Judes for providing us with this article.