Wheels working with RILD in Uganda

Wheels working with RILD in Uganda


April 2011 saw a small but dedicated Wheels for the World team travel out to Uganda to work with local partners, RILD, on the distribution of mobility aids and Bibles to nearly 200 disabled people.

In addition to seeing people in the grounds of their office, RILD had organized for us to take chairs to the rehabilitation unit for soldiers of the Ugandan army - RILD considered this to be a good contact to help them become known in government circles.   A lorry collected the wheelchairs on the Saturday and on Monday the team set off early for Mubende (not as early as planned due to a puncture!)   A long length of the road was under repair, slowing the team down considerably and resulting in a journey lasting three hours...

Finally arrived, everyone received a warm welcome from the Major in charge but had to wait for his boss before starting introductions and talks.   The proceedings began with prayer, and followed with the distribution of wheelchairs and crutches to the soldiers - many of whom had lost limbs as a result of war.

RILD reported:

It is so fulfilling to impact another person's life in such a positive way.   One elderly disabled person sat outside the tent shade and when approached by a volunteer to be moved to the shade he said "My son, I have been confined indoors for a long time, please let me enjoy the sunshine". His mobility will now be easier with a wheelchair and he will be able to move freely whenever he wishes to go out in the sun.