Putting Down Roots

Putting Down Roots

The Tegemeose self-help group in Nakura ran a big event in July to beautify their town and show that as disabled people they can contribute positively to their town. This event was a tree-planting exercise where they planted trees around the town and dedicated each one to a person or organisation that had helped them.

The group leader, Richard Kibbet, wrote to our CEO Jacky Oliver, to say...

"The group feels inspired and hopeful because of your encouraging words. We were able to commemorate Sylvia Parrot’s (Work Aid) UK retirement day on 27/7/2010 by planting trees in our town. She introduced us to your charity.

A tree was also planted in your honour and for Through the Roof. We plan to continue with our sensitisation and advocacy programmes for the disabled persons through activities geared towards their recognition as vulnerable members of society."

The photo above shows two members of the group with the recently-planted tree and the plaque in honour of Jacky.